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Zynga are the creators of Empires & Allies and released the game on June 1, 2011. Zynga was founded in June 2007 by Mark Pincus, Michael Luxton, Eric Schiermeyer, Justin Waldron, Andrew Trader, and Steve Schoettler and have gone on to create over 30 games, most of which are hosted as applications on Facebook or MySpace.

According to the Zynga Website, "Zynga was founded in January 2007 by Mark Pincus and named for his late American Bulldog, Zinga. Loyal and spirited, Zinga's name is a nod to a legendary African warrior queen." The image of a bulldog appears on Zynga's logo.

Company Information

Empires & Allies Overview


Zynga continues to expand way beyond the farms that made it famous. On Tuesday, the San Francisco-based social gaming company announced the launch of its first strategy combat game, Empires & Allies.

Empires & Allies is the first title to come out of the Los Angeles development studio Zynga opened last year. The game will launch internationally in 12 different languages on Wednesday, June 1.

In a press release, Empires & Allies‘ executive producer Amer Ajami said the game incorporates the social mechanics that have defined Zynga’s super popular, if less bellicose, titles. “Empires & Allies is strategy combat gone social – think CityVille meets Risk,” the press release quotes Ajami as saying. “We’re focused on bringing our players a new form of entertainment, and a strategy game is definitely a new playground for us.”

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Facebook Games
Cityville Mafiawars Cafeworld
CityVille Wiki Mafia Wars Wiki Café World Wiki
Farmville Fishville Frontierville
FarmVille Wiki Fishville Wiki FrontierVille Wiki
CastleVille Thumb-adventure Wordtwist
Castleville Wiki Adventure World Wiki Castleville Wiki
Petville Treasureisle Yoville
PetVille Wiki Treasure Isle Wiki YoVille Wiki
Mafia Wars 2
Mafia Wars 2 Wiki
Warstorm Vampires Zyngapoker
Warstorm Wiki Vampires Wars Wiki Texas Hold'Em
I Phone Games
Cwf-free Hwf-free Drop7-free
Chess With Friends Hanging With Friends Drop 7
Cityville-hometown Thumb-farmville Thumb-mafia-wars
cityville hometown Farmville Mafia Wars
Thumb-scramble-new Wwf-free Thumb-zynga-poker
Scramble 2 Words With Friends Zynga Poker
Vampire Bloodfirst MWShakedown Street Racing
Vampires: Bloodlust Mafia Wars Shakedown Street Racing
I Pad Games
Drop7-free Thumb-farmville Wwf-free
Drop 7 Farmville Words With Friends
CityVille Hometown
Android Games
Drop7-free Thumb-zynga-poker
Drop 7 Zynga Poker
Wwf-free Hwf-free

Other Facebook Games

Retired Zynga Games

  • Dragon Wars
  • Roller Coaster Kingdom
  • Special Forces
  • Street Racing
  • Mafia Wars Atlantic City
  • Ponzi, Inc.
  • Happy Hour
  • My Coolest Friends
  • Friends For Sale!
  • The Hierarchy
  • GridIron Live Football
  • Baseball Boss Playa Rayta
  • Rock Legends!
  • Nobility
  • Pirates: Rule the Caribbean!
  • Dope Wars
  • Duels
  • Triumph
  • Football
  • Heroes vs. Villains
  • Space Wars
  • Prison Lockdown
  • Gang Wars
  • Dragon Wars
  • Poker Blitz
  • Blackjack
  • Word Twist
  • Path Words
  • Scrable (fb game)
  • black jack
  • word twist

Zynga Games Coming Soon

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