Obscure Military Tech

They've really done it now. We've trying playing by their rules but now we need to do things the old fashion way, with pure, unadulterated military might and strategy.

Goals Rewards
Obscure Military Tech Collect 15 Obscure Military Tech to track down Alchemy. Complete All 3 Goals
96px Repel 45 Invasions from Neighbors to keep your operation safe. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Army Depot Add 4 more space to your Army Depot for new units and tech. 1x Elite Bear Bomber Elite Bear Bomber

Coins-icon 3,000 Coins
00000000000000000001. Liberty Bond 1 Liberty Bonds

If this approach doesn't work, then I'm afraid we've run out of options. Worry not, Commander, I have full faith in our military capability. We'll track them down and stop them.

Goal Line

Gotcha! Where'd Everybody Go?
Booby Trap
The Encounterfeit

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