World Parliament
World Parliament
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Information for World Parliament
Upgrade your Parliament to the World Parliament and add neighbors without being Facebook friends.



Zynga has started suggesting avid game playing folks to you to help you level up faster in your game, and we also want to include you in suggestions to other players. These Allies will be able to gift you building parts you need, repel invasions in your Empire and fill crew positions. You don't need to be friends on Facebook to add Allies to your World Parliament on Empires and Allies.

What information will be shared?
Your name, profile picture, game level, country and frequency of play will be shared with Allies. You will be able to send and receive Facebook Game Requests to Allies, and your new Allies may be able to access your public Facebook profile.

What actions can be taken?
Once you add someone as an Ally in your World Parliament, you'll both be able to:

perform neighbor actions and repel invasions help finish buildings faster send and receive gifts and Zynga game requests

How do I remove individuals?
If you've added an Ally and decide you wish to remove them, you may do so by visiting and clicking on the My Neighbors tab, which is located on the top of the screen. Find the Ally you wish to remove, and click Delete.

How can I Opt Out of being recommended as an Ally to someone else?
To Opt Out of being recommended, simply click the permissions box below. You can rejoin the program and start getting recommended again at any time by returning to this page and unchecking the Opt Out box.

How does Zynga make recommendations?
Our recommendations are based on criteria such as game level, and game activity


MOTD Parliament

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