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The World Embassy is a building in Empires & Allies. It allows immunity from enemy and neighbor invasion at a starting time period of 18 hours, which can be extended further by hiring neighbors into the embassy.

It is placed automatically in your Inventory after level 6 once the goal "Neutrality Challenge" is complete.   This Building cannot be sold.

Non Active World Embassy:

Non World Embassy

An Active Neutral World Embassy:

Active World Embassy

Note: If you have neutrality and you invade a neighbor, the World Embassy will ask you to disactivate it, if you accept, you can't activate it until after 6 hours.

  • Note: Neutrality protect you from Neighbors invasions.


  • Start with 18 hours.
  • Hire up to 6 Neighbors or use Steele for Empire Points-icon 3 Empire Points each.
  • Each Friend adds 18 hours.
  • A total of 126 hours from any invasion.
  • If a neighbours "shift" is complete they can be invited to work there again it is possible to keep your embassy going for over 2 weeks if they always join.

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