Emergency Surgery Kit

Commander, Owari hasn't regained consciousness. She has a really nasty wound to her leg and Seabolt refuses to leave her side. We can't move on.

Goals Rewards
Emergency Surgery Kit Get 5/15 Emergency Surgery Kits to operate on Owari. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Battle Blitz Win 75 Battle Blitz fights to survive the constant attacks. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Chili Peppers Harvest 200 Chili Peppers. It'll help Owari regain consciousness. Z Element 5 1x 5 Element Z Pack
1x Field Repairs II Field Repairs II
1x Bismarck Bismarck

The surgery was a success, Commander. That crash course in emergency situations really paid off. We have to get Owari to a safe location and keep looking for Von Hellman.

Goal Line

Knock Out
The Hills are Alive

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