Goal Dr.Seabolt "Talk to Dr. Seabolt"

Grappling Guns

Get a grip! No, we mean literally. You'll have to reach the second floor window where Habu is holed up. Use Grappling Hooks and rope!

Goals Rewards
Grappling Guns Ask for 4-8 Grappling Guns to aid your ascent. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Survival Mode 2 Survive 20/40/60 waves in Survival mode. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Honor Earn 100/150/200 Red Hearts. 1x Air Strike II Air Strike II

Liberty Bond 3 Liberty Bonds
1x StoneFish Carrier StoneFish Carrier

You did it. That was no easy feat Commander. Your men showed courage under fire. But your real challenge starts now!

Goal Line

Hide 'n' Sneak
Bad Boys and Bullets

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