Viper Main
—Image © Zynga
Role2nd In Command
ProfilePuny and picked on as a child, Viper used steroids and a huge trust fund to transform himself into an egomaniac who could pick on the world.
IntelViper left this letter behind: "The Raven talked me into spending all of my own trust fund money to pay for this whole war. If you defeat him, can you get some of my money back?"
WarningDo Not Machine Wash
BattleCorte Marino
UnlocksThe Cobra
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Viper is the fourteenth boss the player must fight during Wrath of the Raven campaign. He is fought on Corte Marino during 4 stages. After he is defeated, the player will unlock a new HUMVEE called The Cobra. Appearance-wise, he is based on Rambo, a character played by Sylvester Stallone.

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