these are the rules if you are fighting a opposing alliance

this is an extra tip:FOR ALLIANCE LEADER ONLY,What can a leader do?

The leader gets privileges that regular members do not receive. The leader decides:
  • The name of the Alliance
  • The crest (symbol ) that represents your alliance in battle
  • Choice to remove members out of the Alliance
  • another extra tip:An alliance need the max of 10 members
    Once you have formed your Alliance, you will have access to exclusive new Alliance battles! Here, you can challenge and take on other Alliances, to prove to who is best.

    Defense:The combined strength of every alliance members defense force, will become your Alliance's defense force i.e. if somebody were to attack your Alliance they would have to face off against all your allies.

    Attack: When you attack an alliance, you will have to defeat all of members of the opposing Alliance. After you defeat each member, you will win a dominance point bonus and damage the opposing Alliances health. If you manage to defeat the whole Alliance (every member), you will win a big domination point reward!!

    Health: Every time you are defeated in battle, you lose health. So keep an eye out for your weak spot. If your Alliance has more health than anyone else in World domination, before world domination mode refreshes (look out for the timer in the game), your entire Alliance will win a crown and a HUGE domination point prize!
    **With all of these domination points that you accumulate, you will be able to unlock powerful new units, faster than ever before (and permanently)**

    Allies: your Allies will be able to give your power ups during an Alliance battle, so that you will be fighting alone. You can ask for power ups by selecting who you would like help from.

    Rivals: any Alliances that have attacked you will appear on your 'rivals list' on world domination mode. This will allow you to battle other Alliances one on one!
  • Hope this helped for an up coming alliance group with commander marko!!

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