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This page contains information about Unreleased Content, which may be inaccurate or change over time.


This article features unreleased content of Empires and Allies which will not ever be released as the game has closed officially on 17 June 2013.

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Unreleased ResourcesEdit

  • Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Diamond, Emerald Gems are a part of the Gem Mines.
  • Green Energy icon was the original Energy icon for the game.
  • Bananas icon appears to be the original icon for the Food icon but such thing still does not exist within the game.
  • Stone is a part of the quarries.
  • Cash icon was the original icon for Empire Points.
  • Coin icon with Zynga dog was the original icon for Coins.
  • PVP Token icon that looks like a key was the original unused icon for PVP Token
Ruby Sapphire Topaz Diamond Emerald Energy Icon
Ruby icon Sapphire icon Topaz icon Diamond icon Emerald icon Energy icon
Original PVP Token Icon Cash Icon Coin Icon Food 1 Food 2 Banana's
PVPToken 96 Cash01 Coin v2 Food 96 Food Food icon
Stone 1 Stone 2 Stone 3 Stone 4
Image 45 (5) Stone 2 Image 46
Stone 4
Ammo Ammo Ammo
Ammo III Ammo IV Ammo V

Unreleased Buildings & DecorationsEdit

Gem Mine Gem Mine II Gem Mine III Workshop Workshop II Workshop III
Image 13 Image 12 Image 11 Image 20 Image 19 Image 18
Quarry Quarry II Quarry III Weapons Depot Air Force HQ Army HQ
Image 4 Image 34 Image 244 Image 70 Image 85 Image 84
Military Base Plot Military Base Embassy Plot Embassy Mission Plot Mission
Image 65 Image 64 Image 67 Image 66 Image 63 Image 62
Corporate HQ Plot Corporate HQ Trade Port Plot Trade Port University Signal Tower
Image 69 Image 68 Image 61 Image 60 Image 71 Image 75
Hedge 3 Hedge 4 Hedge 5 Hedge 6 Hedge 7 Hedge 8
Image 67 (9) Image 65 (8) Image 64 (8) Image 66 (8) Image 68 (6) Image 69 (6)
Telephone Pole Street Light 1 Street Light 2 Street Light 3 Street Light 4 Street Light 5
Image 34 (8) Image 42 (9) Street Light 01 Street Light 02 Street Light 03 Street Light 04
Daruma Postbox Park Play Fountain Stonehenge
Deco Daruma SW icon Deco Mailbox SW icon Image 73 Image 25 Image 55 (8) Env Combat Field SW
Lucky Cat Lucky Cat Statue Bull Bear Statue Warrior Statue Freedom Statue
Image 61 (8) Image 625 Image 50 (8) Image 43 (10) Image 1 Unit Sea Art Lvl01 SW
Original Space Shuttle Statue Design Astronaut Statue Astronaut Statue 2 Defense Tower III
Deco SpaceShuttle SW icon Image 94 (6) Image 95 (7) Defense Tower III Image 536 Image 532
Image 344 Kremlin 01 96

Unreleased Power-UpsEdit

  • Beside Tactical Nukes, the other unreleased Power-ups can bee seen while using an Allies help, but are still never selected and are still unreleased according to Zynga.
Strength up Strength up II Strength up III Strength Down Strength Down II Strength Down III
Image 3 Image 2 Image 156 Image 7 Image 6 Image 6677
FireBullet FireBullet II FireBullet III
Image 22 Image 21 Image 20555 Image 33
Special Red Nuke

Unreleased UnitsEdit

  • The first 3 Soldiers are featured in the Army Target Range with the exception of the green clothed soldier having a different weapon.
  • The Spectre Listed below still has not been released and was an original design that was not used in the game.
  • The Units Listed below that do not have a name on top of them are currently un-named in the game files and should not be edited until Zynga gives them a name.
Unit Land Infantry Lvl01 SW Icon Unit Land Infantry Lvl02 Icon Unit Land Infantry Lvl03 SW Icon Unit Land Infantry Lvl04 SW Icon Unit Land AntiAir Lvl05 SW icon
Gatling Truck Assault Truck Balloon Bomber Spectre Aurora Fighter
Gatling Truck-icon Unit Land AntiAir Lvl02 SW icon Unit Land AntiAir Lvl03 SW icon Balloon Bomber Spectre Unit Air Spy Lvl05 SW icon
Gatling Cruiser Destroyer
Image 57 Image 303 Unit Air Spy Lvl03 SW icon Image 35 Unit Sea AntiAir Lvl01 SW icon Unit Sea AntiAir Lvl04 SW icon
Image 38 Image 696 Unit Sea AntiAir Lvl03 SW icon Image 314 Image 31 (5) Unit Sea AntiAir Lvl02 SW icon
Elite Strike Battleship Elite Sparrowhawk Bomber
Elite Strike Battleship
Elite Sparrowhawk Bomber

Unreleased CharactersEdit

Hazmat Fire Suit Guy
(Fire Guy)
Hazmat Fire Suit Guy Main

Unreleased Goal ImagesEdit

Goal image Goal image Goal image Goal image Goal image Goal image
Image 217 Image 128 (4) Image 253 Image 53 Goal pick Image 216
Goal image Goal image Goal image Goal image Goal image Goal image
Image 115 (6) Image 155 Image 191 (3) Goal Mushrooms Goal Maui Onions Goal Recycling Center
Goal image Goal image Goal image Goal image Goal image Goal image
Goal Assault Truck Goal Stryker Goal Scarlett Click Me Sign Image 202 Image 200 v3 Goal Spectre
Goal image Goal image Goal image Goal image Goal image Goal image
Goal Globemasher Bomber Goal Aurora Fighter Image 328 Image 320 Image 96 Image 95
Goal image Goal image Goal image Goal image Goal image Goal image
Image 94 Goal Health Boat Image 74 v2 Image 73 v2 Image 72 Goal Container Ship
Goal image Goal image Goal image Goal image Goal image Goal image
Image 45 Image 35333 Image 2133 Image 15555 Goal Papa Chango Goal Zombie Soldier
Goal image Goal image Goal image Goal image Goal image Goal image
Goal Native Tiki Gal Goal Hazmat Fire Suit Guy Goal Small Library Image 300 Image 461 Image 457

Unreleased Research IconsEdit

Original style damage icon Health Icon
Upgrade Damage Upgrade Health

Unreleased Battle Map IslandsEdit

Shape125 Shape422 Shape440 Shape359 Shape467 Shape368
Shape431 Shape404 Shape395 Shape413 Shape215 Shape188
Shape197 Shape206 Shape377 Shape476 Shape386 Shape458
Shape449 Shape287 Shape242 Shape260 Shape143 Shape116
Shape296 Shape251 Shape179 Shape161 Shape134 Shape107
Shape269 Shape98 Shape6 Shape152 Shape224 Shape233
Shape278 Shape170 Shape532 Shape583

Unreleased Contract IconsEdit

Oil Contracts
OilCheer 96 OilMinerDerrick 96 OilMinerJugglingOil 96 OilMinerPolish 96 OilMinerShower 96 OilMixer 96
Lumber Contracts
LumberJackBronco 96 LumberjackChasedByTree 96 LumberjackGolf 96 LumberjackJugglingChainSaw 96 LumberJackViolin 96 LumberjackMeasuring 96
Quarry Contracts
Mad stone Mammoth stone Massive stone Mega stone Monster 2 stone Mother lode stone
Mucho 2 stone Image 115 (6) Image 60 (5) Image 59 (5) Image 57 (5) Image 55 (5)
Image 54 (5) Image 50 (5) Image 49 (5) Image 47 (5)
Element Z Contracts
Unknown Element Z Contract 01 (ZElementTruckFlatbed) Unknown Element Z Contract 02 Unknown Element Z Contract 03 Image 456789

Unreleased FeaturesEdit

Unreleased EventsEdit

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