Fake Passport

It's time to send in the troops. Let's be smart about it. We can't march into enemy territory without serious repercussions. We'll have to go guerrilla. Get your agents into the dictatorship on fake passports and half the battle is won.

Goals Rewards
Fake Passport Obtain 10 fake passports to enter Gamor smoothly. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal target army Fight guerilla troops that think you are special forces from the government of Gamor. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Infamy Earn 200 Black Hearts. You'll need 'em in a place like Gamor. 1x Elite Bastille Tank Elite Bastille Tank
1x Accuracy II Accuracy II
Wood-icon 1,500 Wood

The guerilla troops are everywhere, stay alert.

Goal Line

Catch me if you can!
Midnight Mission

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