Goal Dr. G. Owari


Commander, you won't believe it. I can't believe it. There are two sects of Titans and they are at war! They didn't attack me on purpose. I was just caught in the crossfire. This war could obliterate the planet. We must stop this.

Goals Rewards
Spectrum Analyzer (2) Collect 15 Spectrum Analyzers to find those hidden Titan frequencies. Complete All 3 Goals
Fighter-icon Place 60 Fighters to monitor the Titans from overhead. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal the Titan Battle the Titan, it doesn't matter which side this Titan is on. They're both dangerous. 1x Half-Track Artillery Half-Track Artillery
Z Element 10 1x 10 Element Z Pack
Wood-icon 4,000 Wood

Okay, now that we know what we're dealing with, let's figure out a way to stop them. Seabolt, I could use your help on this one if you're willing. What say?

Goal Line

Owari's Hunch
Destroy the Mother Ship!

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