The Penetrator
The Penetrator
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Tier ClassTier 4 Unit
Good againstSoldiers Enemy-iconGunboat Enemy-iconFighter Enemy-icon
Defense Area3x3
Build Time0d 04:48
SourceBarracks II
Upgrade atArmy Research Lab
General Costs
Coins0000000000000006,250. Coins-icon 6,250 Coins
Oil Needed00000000000000000625. Oil-icon 625 Oil

Your resource: Aluminum
Gold NeededGold-icon 7 Gold

Your resource: Copper
Iron NeededIron-icon 7 Iron

Your resource: Gold
Uranium NeededUranium-icon 7 Uranium

Your resource: Iron
Aluminum NeededAluminum-icon 7 Aluminum

Your resource: Uranium
Copper NeededCopper-icon 7 Copper

Market Price0000000000000025,188. Coins-icon 25,188 Coins
Sell for00000000000000000312. Coins-icon 312 Coins
Parts Needed for Upgrades
Upgrade BlueprintsUpgrade Blueprint 5-8 Upgrade Blueprints
Welding KitsWelding Kit 5-8 Welding Kits
.50 Caliber Guns.50 Caliber Gun 5-8 .50 Caliber Guns
Poison DartsPoison Dart 4-7 Poison Darts
Upgraded Information

Coins-icon 4,687.5 Coins

Oil-icon 468.75 Oil
Ore Types 5.25 Ore
Build Time0d 03:36
1Note, some units can also be obtained via Leaderboards, Battle Blitz, World Domination and Survival Mode.
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Information for The Penetrator
The Penetrator is a drill tank which can be obtained after beating Dirk Mollman in the battle "Enemy Retreat" After completing the battle, The Penetrator can be created at the Barracks II. Its health before was 225 but later it was lowered to 175.

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