The Ninja's Nest


The Beachfront Villa
—Image © Zynga
Level ReqExperience-icon Level 12
June 7, 2012 -
July 12, 2012
RepeatableUp to 1x
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The Ninja's Nest is the first ever "Mega Series" in the game. It is hinting that the most will be somehow related, by defeating new Villains and earning more various Items than before.

Commander, I'm creating a weapon to destroy Dr. D'Vil's evil creations, but Habu the Ninja Assassin could strike again. Move in on his lair. Now!
Habu is a ruthless killer and you must capture him alive! He lives in a beachfront villa with strong seaside security.
Send an elite force by land. Get past the Electric Fence and Guardhouse, enter the Villa and confront Habu in his Den. Go now!


Item Requirements
The Beachfront Villa
The Beachfront Villa
Complete goal Line
Elite Gemini Copter
5x Elite Gemini Copter
Complete goal Line

Limited Time GoalsEdit

The The Ninja's Nest event also comes with 9 limited time goals.

Stage 1

Fiberglass Handle Bolt Cutter Shocking Measures
Chloroform Bottle Sleep it Off!
Claymores Fatal Fakers

The Beachfront Villa

Stage 2

Sneak Suit Hide 'n' Sneak
Grappling Guns Window of Opportunity
Fire Extinguishers Bad Boys and Bullets

Beachfront Villa Stage 2

Stage 3

Shurikens In Habu's Den
Decoy Drones Deadly Distraction
Paralyzing Darts Neutralize the Ninja

Beachfront Villa Stage 3


Other EventsEdit

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