The Luring Lighthouse


TLL Island
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Level ReqExperience-icon Level 15
February 28, 2013 -
March 24, 2013
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Act fast and get all 4 Merrimac II Battleships. Go get them now!

Collect the 6 Fusion Reactors needed to keep Seabolt's Luring Lighthouse running. It will lure one enemy battleship every 6 days!



  • Collect 5 of each part per day.
  • Only 1 part is available to collect per day.
  • Only one power source is available each day, so make sure you come back every day to collect them all. Buy all to Play Again for the same unit, within 6 days!
Item Item Item Item Item Item
Thorium Fusion Reactor Orange
5xThorium Fusion Reactor Orange
Promethium Fusion Reactor Red
5xPromethium Fusion Reactor Red
Uranium Fusion Reactor Blue
5xUranium Fusion Reactor Blue
Thorium Fusion Reactor Green
5xThorium Fusion Reactor Green
Actinium Fusion Reactor White
5xActinium Fusion Reactor White
Radium Fusion Reactor VI Purple
5xRadium Fusion Reactor VI Purple


  • Select how many days you have finished collecting 5 of all the parts within.

Item Requirements
Hunter Merrimac II
Hunter Merrimac II
Complete goal below 6 days

Item Requirements
Navy Merrimac II
Navy Merrimac II
Complete goal below 12 days

Item Requirements
Rust Merrimac II
Rust Merrimac II
Complete goal below 18 days

Item Requirements
Smoke Merrimac II
Smoke Merrimac II
Complete goal below 24 days


Other EventsEdit

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