Gina & Tina Graves
The Grave Girls
—Image © Zynga
RoleHit Squad
ProfileAccording to there parents, these terrible twins are identical in every way, right down to the matching "black heart" birthmarks on there backsides.
IntelThe girls bolted in opposite directions, blaming each other for there miserable defeat. Left behind in there powder room were the keys to the scientists' prison cells. The now freed scientists report that The Raven is on schedule to complete his "Sun Storm" device.
WarningMay Use Teenage Sarcasm As A Weapon
BattleIsla Azul
UnlocksThe Hammerhead
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The twin sisters, Gina Graves & Tina Graves, are the fifth boss fight the player encounters.

They're fought on Isla Azul during 3 stages. After defeating them, the player will unlock a Dual Artillery Tank called The Hammerhead.

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