The Energy Cradle
The Energy Cradle
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GoalThe Energy Cradle (Goal)
Parts Needed to Build
Energy CoilsEnergy Coil 8-14 Energy Coils
Energy PanelsEnergy Panel 8-14 Energy Panels
Energy ConvertersEnergy Converter 8-14 Energy Converters
Energy MetersEnergy Meter 8-14 Energy Meters
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Information for The Energy Cradle
The Energy Cradle is a Building which allows the players to increase its Energy Bar Limit with 10 Energy.

Every 12 hours

  • 00000000000000000200.

Oil-icon 200 Oil


At the start, "The Seabolt" is shown as the newest invention of Dr. Seabolt. The Energy Cradle was supposed to be only a test. Later, it is said that The Seabolt: Unstable. Will self-destruct. Build the Energy Cradle before it's too late. Further, the player will keep using The Energy Cradle.

  • The Energy Cradle is Empires and Allies' equivalent of the Wind Farm in Cityville.

The Seabolt

Goal LineEdit



MOTD Energon

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