The Alien Attack


Alien Crash Site
—Image © Zynga
Level ReqExperience-icon Level 12
June 28, 2012 -
August 2, 2012
Re-RunDecember 6, 2012 -
RepeatableUp to 1x
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It's an alien invasion! Red alert Commander, and call in some extraterrestrial experts right now. This is no science fiction movie; it's as real as you and me. The fate of the planet could be in our hands!
Commander, the planet owes you a debt of gratitude! The Alien Bots are yours, but don't let your guard down just yet. Click on the crater to put up your own force field, before you continue your research on the spaceship.


Item Requirements
Alien Crash Site
1x Alien Crash Site
Complete goal Line
3x Arachnoid
Complete goal Line

Limited Time GoalsEdit

The The Alien Attack event also comes with 9 limited time goals.

Stage 1

Attack Arachnoids Star-struck!
Attack Arachnoids Extraterrestrial Experts
Attack Arachnoids The Cover Up

Alien Crash Site

Stage 2

Attack Arachnoids Space Thieves
Attack Arachnoids Force the Issue
Attack Arachnoids Power Down!

Alien Crash Site Stage 2

Stage 3

Attack Arachnoids That Bombed
Attack Arachnoids Aim to Maim
Attack Arachnoids Alien Annihilation

Alien Crash Site Stage 3


Other EventsEdit

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