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LevelExperience-icon Level 49
Tier ClassTier 5 Unit
Good againstArtillery Enemy-iconBattleship Enemy-iconAirship Enemy-icon
Defense Area8x9
Build Time0d 12:00
SourceShipyard III
Upgrade atNavy Research Lab
General Costs
Coins0000000000000007,500. Coins-icon 7,500 Coins
Oil Needed00000000000000000375. Oil-icon 375 Oil

Your resource: Aluminum
Aluminum NeededAluminum-icon 25 Aluminum

Your resource: Copper
Copper NeededCopper-icon 25 Copper

Your resource: Gold
Gold NeededGold-icon 25 Gold

Your resource: Iron
Iron NeededIron-icon 25 Iron

Your resource: Uranium
Uranium NeededUranium-icon 25 Uranium

Market Price0000000000000025,000. Coins-icon 25,000 Coins
Sell for00000000000000000375. Coins-icon 375 Coins
Parts Needed for Upgrades
Upgrade BlueprintsUpgrade Blueprint 6-9 Upgrade Blueprints
Mission MapsMission Map 6-9 Mission Maps
Blast ShieldsBlast Shield 6-9 Blast Shields
Arrestor CablesArrestor Cable 4-7 Arrestor Cables
Upgraded Information

Coins-icon 5,625 Coins

Oil-icon 281.25 Oil
Ore Types 18.75 Ore
Build Time0d 09:00
1Note, some units can also be obtained via Leaderboards, Battle Blitz, World Domination and Survival Mode.
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Information for Supercarrier
The Supercarrier is based on the future of "supercarriers" around the world and does not represent any specific class though it is comparable to the HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08) with a ski-jump take-off design ramp. See below for more info.

  • Artist's Impression Image


  • Zynga's idea of the Supercarrier is not based on a particular class of supercarrier; rather, the company is using the term to suggest any advanced aircraft carrier. Such carriers are known world wide as "supercarriers" regardless of their class or country of origin.
    • Armed Forces UK has an article about the future of the Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers here.
    • Wikipedia has an article on the Nimitz-class supercarriers here.
    • Other countries have their own upcoming versions of "supercarriers".
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