Goal Dr.Seabolt "Talk to Dr. Seabolt"

Goal Tesla Coil "Help Dr. Seabolt"

Commander, is that you? Forget flowers. If you want to help, my lab needs equipment. And a strawberry smoothie would be nice.

Dr. Seabolt is on the mend, but could use some cheering up.

Goals Rewards
Bunsen Burner Collect 10 Bunsen Burners Complete All 3 Goals
Goal strawberry Plant 50 Strawberries Complete All 3 Goals
Goal harvest 02 Harvest 50 Strawberries 00000000000000000300.

Coins-icon 300 Coins
Energy031x 3 Energy

Ask your friends to send Bunsen Burners

Goal Line

Strange But True 3 of 6
Strange But True 5 of 6

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