Stolen Steele


Eels Island
—Image © Zynga
Level ReqExperience-icon Level ?
Febuary 22, 2012 -
March 8, 2012
RepeatableUp to 10x
DescriptionStolen Steele was the ? event held by Zynga for Empires & Allies.
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We have a problem soldiers—it looks like Steele has been kidnapped—and by no less a villain than The Eel himself!

The Eel manage to sneak into Steele's Empire and kidnap the man himself...and we're going to be hard pressed to take on enemy forces without Steele's help. Every great Empire needs Allies!

Stolen Steele is a new quest Mini-Series, with 2 branching quest paths and 2 possible rewards—a SpecOps Man O' War Battleship and a SpecOps Fledermaus Fighter!


Item Requirements
Spec Ops Man O' War Battleship
Spec Ops Man O' War Battleship
Complete goal line (Stelley Defense)
Spec Ops Fledermaus Fighter
Spec Ops Fledermaus Fighter
Complete goal line (The Face-Off)

Limited Time GoalsEdit

The Stolen Steele event also comes with 11 limited time goals.

- Available from Febuary 22nd

to March 8th 2012 -

Rottweiler Guard Dog Man for you Money
Search Dolphin Location Lockdown
Negotiator The Sit-Down
Surveillance Camera I Spy
Boxes of Tissue Teary Goodbyes
Remote Detonator 8 Bombs in a Duffel Bag
Incriminating Photos of the Eel Minion Manipulation
Energy Drink (Goal Part) Minion Demolition
Satellite Images of the Eel's Lair Cell Mates
Anti-Slip Gloves The Face-Off
Evacuation Team Steeley Defense


Other EventsEdit

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