Bomb Squad

Steele is packed with explosives. They're beeping and they'll go off any minute now. We have to get a bomb squad in here stat!

Goals Rewards
Bomb Squad Assemble 15 Bomb Squads to diffuse the explosives on Steele before it's too late. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Domination Fight Win 100 fights in World Domination. Keep the Dark Alliance far, far away. Complete All 3 Goals
96px Build 25 of any Power-Up to keep your Empire strong. 1x Elite Jackrabbit Artillery Elite Jackrabbit Artillery
1x Hunker Down II Hunker Down II
Wood-icon 3,000 Wood

The Dark Alliance attacks when you're most vulnerable. Win in World Domination and keep them at bay.

Goal Line

In Plain Sight
Tattletale Steele

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