Commander Steele
—Image © Zynga
InfoCommander Steele is the CPU neighbor that you start the game with. He is also a mercenary. He has a level 20 honor level and his experience level is always 5 higher than the player until he reaches the highest level. Steele can apply to be hired in one of your government buildings that is not fully staffed, and will also tend your government buildings.
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Steele's EmpireEdit

Steele's empire has only 3 visible government buildings (Spy Agency, State Media and National Archives) and has one area not expanded in the top corner. He also has the Hospital Ship.

Notably, Steele's islands have exclusive trees and unreleased decorations, including:


  • Steele's first name is Gus.
  • The insignia for a commander in the U.S. Navy is a silver oak leaf. Steele's single-star beret blends the emblem shape used by rear admirals (lower half) and the emblem color used by lieutenant commanders, the ranks respectively above and below commander.


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