Goal Dr.Seabolt "Talk to Dr. Seabolt"


Something happened to the Minibot during transportation. It's malfunctioning and I think we're losing it. We can't lose it! Not now, we're so close!

Goals Rewards
ET Conspiracy Theorist Hire 10 ET Conspiracy Theorists to figure this Minibot out! Complete All 3 Goals
Dominance Gain 1 level in World Dominance to keep the Dark Alliance at bay. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal the Titan Battle the Titan. 1x Yamato Yamato
Z Element 5 1x 5 Element Z Pack
1x Field Repairs II Field Repairs II

I must say Commander I don't know how much longer we can keep these Titans at bay. But there's definitely no stopping now.

Goal Line

Take the Bot and Run!
Study Material

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