Event DetailsEdit

July 20, 2011 - August 3, 2011
Space Exploration Days


Come celebrate Space Exploration Days in Empires & Allies! We have an assortment of new space-themed decorations and quests for you to try out.


Item Costs
Space Shuttle Statue
Space Shuttle Statue
Empire Points-icon 18 Empire Points
Space Dog Statue
Space Dog Statue

Coins-icon 5,000 Coins

Astrochimp Statue
Astrochimp Statue
Empire Points-icon 10 Empire Points
Apollo 11 Eagle Statue
Apollo 11 Eagle Statue

Coins-icon 25,000 Coins

Limited Time GoalsEdit

Space Exploration Days also includes 2 Limited Time Goals.

- Available from July 20th
to August 3rd 2011 -

Goal Space Dog Statue First Astronauts
Goal Luner statue Reunion


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