Twin Double Armored Van

We've strapped Gina down with explosives. One wrong move and we push the button. Yeah, I know she's young but she's blown up more empires than I've pulled out doll heads. Once the girls are together, our teams surround them and take them in.

Goals Rewards
Twin Double Armored Van Order 20 twin-compartment double-armored vans. It's no pumpkin carriage! Complete All 3 Goals
Ambush Build 15 strike teams to fend off invaders while you're gone. Complete All 3 Goals
Tank-icon Destroy 100-200 tanks to intimidate your attackers. 1x Elite Wiesel MK20 Tankette Elite Wiesel MK20 Tankette
Z Element 15 1x 15 Element Z Pack
1x Evasion III Evasion III

Strike teams are quick, easy and lethal. Build as many as you can.

Goal Line

To Gina, with Love

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