Goal Dr.Seabolt "Talk to Dr. Seabolt"

Fiberglass Handle Bolt Cutter

Jolt your men into action for a high voltage mission. You must get safely past this first barrier. Beware, it's an Electric Fence..

Goals Rewards
Fiberglass Handle Bolt Cutter Collect 4 Fiberglass Handle Bolt Cutters to cut the Fence. Complete All 3 Goals
Ore Types Collect 30/40/50 Ore. Complete All 3 Goals
Oil Bath Collect 200/300 Oil to fuel your mission. 1x Elite Hind Elite Hind
1x Target Jammer I Target Jammer I

Coins-icon 800 Coins

Congratulations! I'll bet you got a charge out of beating those Volts. But watch out, you just set off an alarm and here come two enemy guards

Goal Line

Sleep it Off!

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