Sgt. Dan O'Might
Sgt. Dan O'Might Main
—Image © Zynga
RoleDemolitions Expert
ProfileWhile other boys were playing sports, young "Sarge" was playing with fire. And dynamite. And napalm. And nitroglycerin...
IntelFound in the Sarge's man-purse was a puzzling photo of a young Scarlett under the parental supervision of a commander.
DangerExtinguish Open Flames Before Fighting
BattleBlister Reef
UnlocksThe Jackal
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Sgt. Dan O'Might is the eleventh boss the player must fight during Wrath of the Raven. He is fought on Blister Reef during 3 stages. After he is defeated, the player will unlock a new artillery Unit called The Jackal. His name might be an Easter Egg because of the pronunciation of his last name which is similar to a Dynamite.

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