Goal NavyBobThankful Build Naval Power
Add to our navy and show our might to Kai Tana.

You could do a lot more out on the water at the helm of the deadly Yamato II Battleship. Show me your seafaring skills and perhaps I'll tell you a little about it.

Goals Rewards
Goal star Get Support From 5 Allies Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Assault Carrier Place 10 Carriers Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Captain Krunsch Defeat Captain Krunsch's Forces Z Element 3x 1 3 Element Z
1x Poison Gas I Poison Gas I
1x Altitude Indicator Altitude Indicator

Use Power-Ups and Allies in battle.
Task 3 - Defeat Captain Krunsch's Forces Battle Detail

Goal Line

You Scratch My Back
Black and Blue

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