Unlocks after Level 7 and completing The Battle for Cape Pleasant

This is a timed quest. If it isn't completed within 72 hours, 10 Empire Points must be paid to revive the quest.

Goal Sarah "Talk to Sarah"

Goal German Flag "Prepare for Sausagefest"

It's the time of the year the island gets together to celebrate Sausagefest. We need to hurry to get the island ready in time.

It's time to celebrate Sausagefest. Let's get the island ready.

Goals Rewards
Goal Alpine Haus Build 4 of the Alpine Haus

Complete All 3 Goals

Goal Farm Plant 6 Wheat Fields Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Wheat Harvest 6 Wheat Fields 0000000000000001,000.

Coins-icon 1,000 Coins
Air Strike I 1x Air Strike I

The Alpine Haus can be found under the Houses tab of the Build menu.

Goal Line

Bitter Harvest

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