Reef Bomber
Reef Bomber
—Image © Zynga
Tier ClassTier 3 Unit
Good againstSoldiers Enemy-iconBattleship Enemy-iconFighter Enemy-icon
Defense Area4x4
1Note, some units can also be obtained via Leaderboards, Battle Blitz, World Domination and Survival Mode.
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Information for Reef Bomber
This unit is based on Avro Lancaster. It only appears when invading another player. A few players have reported this has appeared as a prize in the Treasure Vault. It also appears to be the bomber that drops bombs in Bombing Run.


  • The Reef bomber was called the Goon Bomber.
  • This could be the most expensive unit in all the game, with a value of 10881 Empire Points.
  • They can also be bought in the Market with the price of 19500 Coins.

Avro lancaster800

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