Goal Dr. G. Owari


First of all, I want my lab back. Then, I expect to be given a complete lowdown on all this Titan business. How could no one have told me?

Goals Rewards
Architect Hire 5 Architects to build Dr. Owari a state-of-the-art research lab. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal cannon Build 15 Land units to prepare for more Titan attacks. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal the Titan Here comes another Titan. Battle it. Z Element 3 1x 3 Element Z Pack
1x Hunker Down I Hunker Down I
1x Gripen Fighter Gripen Fighter

My beautiful new lab has survived that Titan attack, looks like it really is Titan proof. Now let's get back to work. We need to identify the Titan attacking us.

Goal Line

Angry Owari

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