Sharp Shooter

Commander, I say we've got no choice but to go in. Let's take our best teams past their defenses with as small a number of casualties as we can manage.

Goals Rewards
Sharp Shooter Hire 3 Sharp Shooters to hit the spot. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal destroy tank Deal 25000 damage to Land Units to get past Nastos' defenses. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Farm Revive 50 crops from your neighbors' farms to earn some support. 1x USS Enterprise USS Enterprise
1x Evasion I Evasion I
1x Liberty Bond Liberty Bond

So far, so good. Let's lay low and head to the prisoner camps before dawn. If you think you've seen it all, wait till you see these camps. It's the depths of hell on earth.

Goal Line

Help Has Arrived
Rescue Mission

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