Energy Bar

Call in your military advisor. There's no time to waste. You tell him to prepare the troops to go into action if the dictator does not surrender The Eel and the stolen plans. You will take him by force, if necessary.

Goals Rewards
Energy Bar Collect 7 Energy Bars as part of your army rations. Complete All 3 Goals
Ore Types Collect 75 Ore to build more powerful units for bloody battle. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Strawberry Harvest 50 Total Strawberries, also part of the army rations. 1x Elite Super Lynx Elite Super Lynx
Energy05 1x 5 Energy Pack
1x Hunker Down I Hunker Down I

The men always fight better after a good breakfast of energy bars and strawberries.

Goal Line

Hacker Heist
Allies Assemble

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