The Raven
The Raven Main
—Image © Zynga
Height5'7"(in platform boots)
RolePresident and CEO, Raven Empires
ProfileFeared by his allies, hated by his enemies, The Raven is an unapologetic tyrant who wanted his pet mascot to be an eagle, but he couldn't catch one.
IntelMillions of dollars in Raven's offshore bank account were just withdrawn by Viper for the purpose of "building my own empire."
CautionMay Contain Nuts
BattleSkull Island
UnlocksThe Raven
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The Raven (not to be confused with the unit of the same name) is the main villain and leader of The Dark Alliance. He is the fifteenth (and the last) boss and is fought on Skull Island during 5 stages. After his defeat, The Raven activates the Sun Storm but it is immediately destroyed by The Valkyrie and The Raven is thrown into prison.


  • The Raven is Scarlett's genetic father.
  • Both Scarlett and Raven have something that impairs their eyesight.
  • He is the former commander of the player's island.


Battle Map Complete

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