Von Helman
Professor Von Helman Main
—Image © Zynga
RoleMilitary Strategist
ProfileTo compensate for his diminutive size and hideous appearance, Von Helman employs uncommon cruelty and sports fancy glasses.
IntelInside one of his nicely pressed uniforms, Von Helman had this old newspaper article regarding a previous war in the region.
DangerBrain Under Pressure! May Explode!
BattleLobster Bay
UnlocksThe Nightmare
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Professor Von Helman is the sixth boss the player must fight during Campaign Mode. He is fought on Lobster Bay during 4 stages. After he is defeated, the player will unlock a new Air Unit called The Nightmare. His name might be an Easter Egg which means Professor from Hell, because von means from in German and Helman is a similar name with Hell, he is also based on German scientists who made experiments on people. Sergeant Cross claims that Helman worked in a military role for the player's island and is now a traitor.

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