Prison Camp
Prison Camp
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GoalPrison Camp (Goal)
Parts Needed to Build
Prison ShanksPrison Shank 6-16 Prison Shanks
Guard TowersGuard Tower 6-16 Guard Towers
Guard DogsGuard Dog 6-16 Guard Dogs
Prison BussPrison Bus 6-16 Prison Buss
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Information for Prison Camp
When a player has constructed their Prison Camp, each time a player invades a neighbour their neighbours automaticly become trapped in the players Prison Camp. Each neighbour a player invades (dependant on level) may add points (see below) in their Prison Camp in order to activate it. Once a player has activated either option a player will receive an XP bonus to every action for a 23 hour period.

Invade and imprison neighbors in your Prison Camp! Fill the cells to activate a boost and double XP payouts on every action. Prisoners may escape by repelling your invasion, or will remain captured for three days at a time.

Capture Points:

  • Level 1 to 46 = 0 Points
  • Level 47 to 57 = 1 Points
  • Level 58 to 66 = 2 Points
  • Level 67 to 85 = 3 Points


  • 12 Points needed for a Bonus of XP x1.5 Buff 1.5x XP
  • 20 Points needed for a Bonus of XP x2 Buff 2.0x XP

Goal LineEdit

Goal Prison Camp Prison Camp (Goal)
Goal Prison Camp Invade and Capture


MOTD PrisonCamp

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