Parts are materials used in Upgrading of "special military units and buildings" in Empires & Allies.


Parts can be gained in seven ways.

  • Some reoccurring upgrade parts can be Free Gifted every 24 hours.
  • Notification requests to your neighbors, through the "Ask For Parts" buttons on Goals , Research Lab and Power-Up Factory windows every 4 hours
  • Wall posts on your Facebook profile, also through the "Ask For Parts" buttons. These have a variable amount of time between posts for each part type, and an error message will tell you exactly how long if you try posting it again straight away. These wall posts can only be seen by other Empires & Allies players.
  • Very rarely as part of the reward for completing Goals.
  • As a reward for visiting your empire 5 days in a row as part of the Dedication Rewards.
  • As a random reward for winning a World Domination fight from the War Chest.
  • From a certain number of Scrap in the Black Market.
  • E-mail from Zynga about Daily supply Drop everyday.


  • Note: Each tab renders separately and may take some time to load.


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