Surveillance Camera (QT031)

Call in your agency's top brass to let them know that you're on a ruthless hunt for the rogue agents. We don't know how high this deception goes, but we're determined to end any war before it begins.

Goals Rewards
Surveillance Camera (QT031) Collect 5 Surveillance Cameras, you need eyes and ears everywhere. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Coins Collect 00000000000000100000.

Coins-icon 100,000 Coins to fund this man hunt.

Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Honor Collect 60 red hearts. They'll help you come out of this PR disaster alive. 00000000000000000001.

Liberty Bond 1 Liberty Bonds
1x Explosive Ammo I Explosive Ammo I
1x Elite Light Artillery Vehicle Elite Light Artillery Vehicle

Man hunts are expensive and taxing but a hunt for a group of government trained agents? Good luck.

Goal Line

Mystery Man

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