Occupy Your Empire


Heli Rig
—Image © Zynga
Level ReqExperience-icon Level ?
March 6, 2012 -
March 27, 2012
RepeatableUp to 10x
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This is going to be interesting, seems a group of separatists is Occupying Your Empire!

A group of radical separatists within your Empire has taken control of an abandoned island fortress, and declared themselves an independent nation! We could take a firm hand and bring them back under our Empire's control...or we could respect their right of secession. What's it going to be? The choice is up to you!

Occupy Your Empire is a new mini-series with two branching paths. One leads to a powerful SpecOps Jackrabbit Artillery, and the other to a powerful new Nuke Crate—one which can contain regular nukes, or the more powerful Nuke II and Nuke III!


Item Requirements
SpecOps Jackrabbit
SpecOps Jackrabbit
Complete Goal line (The Hangover)
Tactical Nuke III
Either Tactical Nuke I, II or III
Complete Goal line (Military Might 2)

Limited Time GoalsEdit

The Occupy Your Empireevent also comes with 11 limited time goals.

- Available from March 6th

to March 27th, 2012 -

Khaki Jacket Goin' Camping
Federal License Curious Neighbors
Camping Tent Suspicious Minds 2
PR specialist Public Outrage
Bar of Soap Dirty Hippies
On-Site Barber Not So Dirty Hippies
Propaganda Poster Media Blitz
Military Grade Catapult Preemptive Attack
Miniature Flag Independence Day!
Disciplinary Ruler Military Might 2
Coast Guard Radio The Hangover


Other EventsEdit

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