Goal Scarlett "Talk to Scarlett"


In the meanwhile, the Titans have taken the neighboring towns and villages and are demanding that we return the power and water and double the amount otherwise they will wipe out these towns completely.

Goals Rewards
Loud Speakers Gather 10 Loud Speakers to communicate with the hostiles in a public showdown. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Vintage Tank Deploy 30 Tanks to keep the civilians safe. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal the Titan Fight the Titans. They started it. 00000000000000000003.

Liberty Bond 3 Liberty Bonds
2x Accuracy II Accuracy II
1x Centauro Artillery Centauro Artillery

Commander, I've returned the power and water to them and when I did, I planted bugs on as many of their vehicles as I could so I can find out what's going on underground. Am I good or am I good?

Goal Line

Under the Surface

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