Bullet Proof Vehicle

Commander, we have underestimated our security requirement. The refugees are furious that we're welcoming the government they have been treated so unfairly by and they're attacking relentlessly; we need to contain this situation.

Goals Rewards
Bullet Proof Vehicle Organize 15 Bullet Proof Vehicles to keep the delegates safe. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Domination Fight Fight 40/60/80 Battles in World Domination. Complete All 3 Goals
Coins-icon Collect 50,000/100,000/200,000 Coins to pay for more security. 1x Turkish Infantry Turkish Infantry
1x Accuracy II Accuracy II

Oil-icon 1,500 Oil

Okay. We've made progress. Now that we've got a cooperating Nastos, let's make a difference in the world.

Goal Line

In the Heart of Hostility
In for a Treaty

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