Mobile headquarters
Mobile weaponscommand
Weapons Command
Mobile stagingground
Troop Tarmac
Mobile vault
Storage Bunker
Mobile alliancebuilding
Alliance Building
Mobile alliancereserves
Alliance Reserves
Mobile warfactory
War Factory
Mobile weaponsagency
Research Agency

Stealth GeneratorEdit

Generates a stealth field that hides all nearby allied buildings and units.

Duration: 5 Days

Bonus Command PointsEdit

Increase the amount of Command Points you have in battle by 10

Duration: 1 Day

Guard Tower RocketsEdit

Adds a rocket attack to a Guard Tower. Rocket attacks can shoot both air and ground. Rockets shoot a single Target.

Duration: 3 Days

Patriot Ground TargetingEdit

Adds an enhanced targeting module to a Patriot. Patriot rockets can now also attack ground targets.

Duration: 3 Days

Domed Defense Alpha ConfigurationEdit

Upgrades a Domed Defense to an Alpha Configuration.

  • Sentry weapon has greatly increased range.
  • THEL weapon charges faster for more attacks.
  • Aerial Defense weapon will attack air & ground targets.

Duration: 3 Days.

Ion Cannon Edit

The most powerful defensive structure, the Ion Cannon can sear its enemies. When troops enter its range, it paints a target and unleashes a quad-laser strike from an orbiting satellite.

BONUS: With an Ion Cannon placed, attacking other bases grants a free Orbital Strike.

Duration: 5 Days.

AirMed Drone Hive Edit

This version of the Drone Hive deploys AirMed drones when your base is attacked. AirMed drones provide battlefield repairs and healing for your base.

Duration: 5 Days.

Alpha Offensive Units Edit

Applies a boost on your Tarmac, allowing you to train stronger Alpha Units. Existing troops on your tarmac are automatically upgraded to Alpha Units.

Duration: 1 Day and 12 hrs.

Rare ComponentsEdit

To construct or activate a building or boost you must collect rare components from Quick Matches and Operation Killswitch. The number of rare components you receive from a Quick Match is displayed in the Victory screen and cumulative rare components are displayed in the War Factory. There is no guarantee that rare components will be collected from a battle victory. There are 6 types of rare components that can be collected.

Temp rare1

Guidance System

Temp rare2

Magnetic Isolator

Temp rare3

Fusion Core

Temp rare4

A.I. Chip

Temp rare5

Uplink Modules

Temp rare6

Advanced Materials

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