Mobile headquarters
Mobile weaponscommand
Weapons Command
Mobile stagingground
Troop Tarmac
Mobile vault
Storage Bunker
Mobile alliancebuilding
Alliance Building
Mobile alliancereserves
Alliance Reserves
Mobile warfactory
War Factory
Mobile weaponsagency
Research Agency
Alliance Building
Mobile alliancebuilding
—Image © Zynga
The Alliance Building is used to join Alliances all over the world! Players in Alliances get bonus loot when other Alliance members win in battle.
General Costs
Level 0
CostMobile resourcesupply black 10k
RewardMobile resourcexp black 4
HPMobile hp black 1000
HQ level3
Special value20
Special value 2800
Special value 32000
Level 1
CostMobile resourcesupply black 4800
Build Time3s
RewardMobile resourcexp black 15
HPMobile hp black 1000
HQ level3
Special value20
Special value 2800
Special value 32000
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Alliances can be created or joined using the Alliance Building. You can request help from friends or alliance members to speed up building or request resources. Similarly you can gift resources to players or help with building which is free. In addition you can receive alliance loot when people in your alliance win battles. For each resource type you will receive the donated loot to the alliance plus 0.2% of your max storage extra. This however cannot exceed 8% of your max storage and furthermore there is a 20% max. storage daily limit on receiving alliance loot (Excesses are kept in overflow(to be investigated).

Upgrading Alliance building will now increase amount of helps or assists you can receive (maximum of 15 assists). Cap for Alliance help requests has been removed and can now use assists anytime

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