Lumber Mill
Lumber Mill-icon
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Collect Timedepends on Production
General Costs
Coins00000000000000000200. Coins-icon 200 Coins
Whack3 times
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Information for Lumber Mill
building Lumber Mills is the way to go. In exchange for Coins, these buildings can produce much bigger amounts of Wood that are always guaranteed.

Lumber ContractsEdit

Name Costs Produces
(d hh:mm)
Coins per wood Speed
Plethora of Planks
Plethora of Planks
Empire Points-icon 6 Empire Points Wood-icon 75 Wood 0d 00:00 None
Tithe of Timber
Tithe of Timber

Coins-icon 100 Coins

Wood-icon 10 Wood 0d 00:05 00000000000000000010.

Coins-icon 10 Coins

Wood-icon 120 Wood None
Loads of Logs
Loads of Logs

Coins-icon 200 Coins

Wood-icon 22 Wood 0d 00:15 00000000000000000009.09

Coins-icon 9.09 Coins

Wood-icon 88 Wood None
Lots of Lumber
Lots of Lumber

Coins-icon 300 Coins

Wood-icon 35 Wood 0d 01:00 00000000000000000008.57

Coins-icon 8.57 Coins

Wood-icon 35 Wood None
Tons of Trees
Tons of Trees

Coins-icon 400 Coins

Wood-icon 48 Wood 0d 04:00 00000000000000000008.33

Coins-icon 8.33 Coins

Wood-icon 12 Wood Experience-icon Level 6
World of Wood
World of Wood

Coins-icon 500 Coins

Wood-icon 65 Wood 0d 08:00 00000000000000000007.69

Coins-icon 7.69 Coins

Wood-icon 8.125 Wood Experience-icon Level 10
Moar Wood
Moar Wood

Coins-icon 600 Coins

Wood-icon 84 Wood 0d 12:00 00000000000000000007.14

Coins-icon 7.14 Coins

Wood-icon 7 Wood Experience-icon Level 12
Mucho Wood
Mucho Wood

Coins-icon 700 Coins

Wood-icon 105 Wood 1d 00:00 00000000000000000006.67

Coins-icon 6.67 Coins

Wood-icon 4.375 Wood Experience-icon Level 13

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