Lucky Shot Raffle! (Mini-Game)


Lucky Shot Raffle!
—Image © Zynga
Level ReqExperience-icon Level 12
28th, September, 2012 -
DescriptionWin a Tier 8 Unit Jackpot prize or any of 4 other lucky prizes. For your best shot at winning, collect as many Raffle Tickets as possible!
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Here's a quick walk through on how this Lucky Shot Raffle will work:

Step 1:Participate! Ask your friends for Raffle Tickets. The more tickets you collect, the higher your chances of winning.

Step 2:Collect Tickets! You have 7 days to collect tickets before the day of the Raffle Drawing. You can collect up to 6 tickets per day, from your friends, or buy unlimited tickets in bundles of 5.

Step 3:Drawing Raffles! After 7 days, you can participate in the Lucky Shot Raffle drawing, for a chance to win 4 lucky prizes, apart from a Tier 8 Unit Jackpot prize!

Step 4:Hit or Miss! A ‘Hit’ during the drawing means you won. A ‘Miss’ indicates you didn’t win the prize. The Raffle Drawing will be held over two days.

Tickets: You can buy any number of tickets in bundles of 5, per day. Ask your Friends for Lucky Shot Raffle tickets or buy your own everyday, to increase your chances of winning exciting prizes!


Here's what you stand to win with this Lucky Shot Raffle:

First Round

Tactical Nukes 1000 XP 50 Liberty Bonds Mystery Gifts Lucky Shot Jackpot: The Nimitzern
Goal nuke XPa Liberty Bond Mystery gift The Nimitzern

Second Round

250 XP 2x 25 Energy Pack 5x Defense Shield 2x Tactical Nuke III Lucky Shot Jackpot: Lucky Shot Snake
XPa Energy025 Defense Shield Tactical Nuke III Lucky Shot Snake

Third Round

25x Liberty Bonds 1000 XP 5x Lunar Strike 2x 50 Energy Pack Lucky Shot Jackpot: SpecOps Eagle
Liberty Bond XPa Lunar Strike Energy050 SpecOps Eagle

Fourth Round

1x Tactical Nuke 500 XP 3x Defense Shield 1x 50 Energy Pack Lucky Shot Jackpot: SpecOps Alpha Tiger Carrier
Goal nuke XPa Defense Shield Energy050
SpecOps Alpha Tiger Carrier

Fifth Round

1x Poison Gas III 1x 25 Energy Pack 2x Defense Shield 2x Tactical Nuke II Lucky Shot Jackpot: SpecOps Griffin Tank II
Poison Gas III Energy025 Defense Shield Tactical Nuke II
SpecOps Griffin Tank II

Sixth Round

1x Accuracy III 1x 25 Energy Pack 2x Lunar Strike 3x Tactical Nuke Lucky Shot Jackpot: The Venom
Accuracy III Energy025 Lunar Strike Tactical Nuke
The Venom


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