Lt. Basil Fletcher "B.F." Dealio
Lt. B.F. Dealio Main
—Image © Zynga
Height5' 11"
RoleArms Dealer
ProfileLieutenant Dealio originally trained with Sergeant Cross. Eventually he resigned his commission to go into business for himself as a weapons salesman.
IntelB.F. has agreed to work with us in order to help rescue the people of the Mokupuni Archipelago. How could that possibly go wrong?
Be AwareDealio's moral flexibility is dangerous.
BattleMokupuni Archipelago
UnlocksPack Mule 893
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Lt. Basil Fletcher "B.F." Dealio is the first boss that players encounters in the Molten Terror Campaign. He is fought on Mokupuni Archipelago during 4 stages. After defeating him, the player will unlock a Ground Unit called Pack Mule 893. The coin that he is flipping is a parody of Two-Face from Batman. Later, he becomes player's ally, and gives him important information about the next villains. He stated that his name is Sicilian (therefore, he is of Sicilian ancestry) and it should be writen "De Alio".

Let's Make The Deal!Edit

"The Arms Dealer", which is Dealio, hands out a limited time quest, and offers you an Element Z Refinery, or Empire Points-icon 2 Empire Points, though, he wants a couple of "favors" in return.

Let's Make the Deal! - Available from October 28th to November 18th 2011
Goal money Show of Faith
Uranium Mammoth Ore The Road to Free Empire Points
Goal blue 02 The Road to Element Z
Goal target Brutality Will Pay Off
Goal zynga03 Collect the Parts
Copper Mega Ore Ore Else
Goal Honor Bring Out Your Parts!
Goal allies Desperate for Approval
Goal harvest 02 Bountiful Harvest
Goal Telescope ...And Yet So Far
Goal Telescope So Close...

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