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Level XP Required Unlocks:
Housing Military Industry Government Power-Ups
1 Experience-icon 0 XP
2 Experience-icon 7 XP Parliament
3 Experience-icon 20 XP Small Stilt House Cannon Artillery
4 Experience-icon 43 XP Small Bungalow Vintage Tank Watermelon
5 Experience-icon 66 XP Small Cottage Ironclad Gunboat Pineapple Executive Mansion
6 Experience-icon 93 XP Fight with Friends,
Vintage Carrier
Missile Attack I
7 Experience-icon 175 XP Vintage Battleship,
Power-Up Factory
Strawberry Federal Courthouse Hunker Down I
8 Experience-icon 257 XP Vintage Fighter Black Gold, Cabbage Target Jammer I
9 Experience-icon 341 XP Zeppelin Airship Bubbling Crude, Chili Peppers
10 Experience-icon 427 XP Vintage Bomber Crates of Crude,
World of Wood
Treasury Accuracy I
11 Experience-icon 516 XP Mega Ore. Red Onion Evasion I
12 Experience-icon 610 XP Small Brick House Moar Wood,
Truck of Tar,
Massive Ore
13 Experience-icon 711 XP Mucho Wood,
Monster Ore
14 Experience-icon 818 XP Grunt Soldiers Mother Lode
15 Experience-icon 934 XP Island Hut Torpedo Gunboat Maritime Academy Poison Gas I
16 Experience-icon 1,059 XP Mustang Fighter Field Repairs II
17 Experience-icon 1,196 XP Field Artillery Wheat,
Loads of Logs II
Explosive Ammo II
18 Experience-icon 1,345 XP Stilt House Light Carrier Slippery Dip
19 Experience-icon 1,508 XP Light Airship Mammoth Ore II Air Strike II
20 Experience-icon 1,686 XP Armored Tank Lots of Lumber II National Archives Missile Attack II
21 Experience-icon 1,881 XP Bungalow Light Battleship Gushing Geyser
22 Experience-icon 2,094 XP Flying Fortress Bomber Mucho Ore II Hunker Down II
23 Experience-icon 2,326 XP Bazooka Soldiers Eggplant,
Tons of Trees II
Target Jammer II
24 Experience-icon 2,580 XP Cottage Howitzer Artillery Gift of Gas
25 Experience-icon 2,856 XP Mega Ore II Federal Prison Accuracy II
26 Experience-icon 3,157 XP Sherman Tank World Of Wood II Evasion II
27 Experience-icon 3,483 XP MiG 17 Fighter Montana Milkshake
28 Experience-icon 3,838 XP Brick House Chinook Airship Massive Ore II
29 Experience-icon 4,221 XP B-52 Bomber Moar Wood II,
30 Experience-icon 4,636 XP Submarine Gunboat Cache Of Kerosene State Media Poison Gas II
31 Experience-icon 5,083 XP Assault Carrier Monster Ore II Field Repairs III
32 Experience-icon 5,565 XP Large Island Hut Assault Battleship Mucho Wood II Explosive Ammo III
33 Experience-icon 6,083 XP Rocket Soldiers Tanker of Tonic
34 Experience-icon 6,639 XP Harrier Fighter Mother Lode II
35 Experience-icon 7,201 XP Seawolf Gunboat Sunflower Opera House Air Strike III
36 Experience-icon 7,769 XP Large Stilt House Heavy Artillery Missile Attack III
37 Experience-icon 8,341 XP Apache Airship Hunker Down III
38 Experience-icon 8,919 XP Heavy Carrier Loads of Logs III Target Jammer III
39 Experience-icon 9,502 XP

Abrams Tank

Dino Wine
40 Experience-icon 10,092 XP Large Bungalow Strike Battleship Mammoth Ore III Spy Agency Accuracy III
41 Experience-icon 10,687 XP Supersonic Bomber Lots of Lumber III Evasion III
42 Experience-icon 11,288 XP Mechanized Soldiers A1 Jet Fuel
43 Experience-icon 11,895 XP Rocket Artillery Mucho Ore III
44 Experience-icon 12,508 XP Crusher Tank Tons Of Tree III EMP III
45 Experience-icon 13,128 XP Large Cottage Raptor Fighter Heavy Crude Oil, Yellow Pepper Mint Poison Gas III
46 Experience-icon 13,754 XP Comanche Airship Mega Ore III Tactical Nuke
47 Experience-icon 14,386 XP Stealth Bomber World of Wood III
48 Experience-icon 15,025 XP Hunter-Killer Gunboat Ocean of Oil
49 Experience-icon 15,671 XP Supercarrier Massive Ore III
50 Experience-icon 16,325 XP Large Brick House Railgun Battleship Moar Wood III, Artichoke Space Exploration Center
51 Experience-icon 16,986 XP Forklift of Fuel
52 Experience-icon 17,658 XP Monster Ore III
53 Experience-icon 18,337 XP Mucho Wood III
54 Experience-icon 19,023 XP Barrell Bonanza
55 Experience-icon 19,717 XP Mother Lode III
56 Experience-icon 20,456 XP Advanced Soldier
57 Experience-icon 21,278 XP Advanced Gunboat
58 Experience-icon 22,263 XP Advanced Drone Fighter
59 Experience-icon 23,569 XP Advanced Rocket Artillery
60 Experience-icon 25,202 XP Super Dimensional Carrier
Kodiak EXO Infantry
61 Experience-icon 27,166 XP Osprey Airship
62 Experience-icon 29,463 XP Talon Tank
Narwahl Submarine
Satellite Tracking Center
63 Experience-icon 32,106 XP Advanced Battleship
64 Experience-icon 35,098 XP Hypersonic Bomber
Tiger Moth Fighter
Engineering Office
65 Experience-icon 38,446 XP
66 Experience-icon 42,152 XP The Bison Halftrack Artillery
67 Experience-icon 46,223 XP Albatross Carrier
68 Experience-icon 50,663 XP Gemini Helicopter
69 Experience-icon 55,477 XP
70 Experience-icon 60,671 XP The Griffin Tank
71 Experience-icon 66,248 XP Man O' War Battleship
72 Experience-icon 72,216 XP Sparrowhawk Bomber
73 Experience-icon 78,578 XP
74 Experience-icon 85,513 XP
75 Experience-icon 93,204 XP Dragon Infantry
76 Experience-icon 101,834 XP Mermaid Assault Sub
77 Experience-icon 110,536 XP Djinn Fighter
78 Experience-icon 119,312 XP
79 Experience-icon 128,163 XP Sleeper Artillery
80 Experience-icon 137,960 XP Grimm D7 Carrier
81 Experience-icon 149,611 XP Voodoo Gunship
82 Experience-icon 163,137 XP
83 Experience-icon 181,288 XP Beast IFV
84 Experience-icon 205,029 XP Shaman Battleship
85 Experience-icon 234,419 XP Midnight Bomber

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