Unlocks after Level 10 and completing The Battle for Cape Pleasant

This is a timed quest. If it isn't completed within 120 hours, 5 Empire Points must be paid to revive the quest.

Goal Dr.Seabolt "Talk to Seabolt"

Goal KFX Fighter "Prepare Facilities"

Ah, Commander. I'm Dr. Seabolt and I have a little task for you. I've been thinking about a new Fighter aircraft to bolster island defense.

I'll need an appropriate faciltiy to build the fighter

Goals Rewards
Goal IRST Collect 5 IRST Units Complete All 3 Goals
Goal player fighter Have 4 Fighter Upgrades Complete All 3 Goals
Sweet crude Collect 25 Oil Contracts from Neighbors KFX Fighter 1x KFX Fighter

Ask your friends to send you IRST Units. Fighter Upgrades can be purchased in the Air Force Research Lab.

Goal Line

Seoul of a New Machine

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