Kai Tana
Kai Tana Main
—Image © Zynga
ProfileA cunning Temptress with a tongue as sharp as her blade, Kai Tana will catch you and lick you to death!
IntelHidden in Kai Tana's closet was a list of all the metals The Dark Alliance is stockpiling; the only metal they are missing is our Ore. We think they're up to something.
WarningSteep Curves Ahead!
UnlocksThe Ripper
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Kai Tana is the second boss the player must fight during Campaign Mode. She tries to take over Mercadia and the player must fight her there during 3 stages.

After she is defeated, she becomes an ally and the player will unlock a new airship called The Ripper.

Her name is clearly based on the word "katana", which is the Japanese word for sword, which she carries together with her.

  • Kai Tana's Ally look.
Kai Tana Main2

Kai Tana's GoalsEdit

Kai Tana hands out a limited time mission called Something Is Afloat taking to the Allies side.

- Available from October 21th
to November 4 2011 -

Goal Yatamo II You Scratch My Back
Goal Yatamo II Sea Legs
Goal Yatamo II Black and Blue
Goal Yatamo II Permission to Board
Goal Yatamo II Parts and Salvage
Goal Yatamo II Anchor Dragging

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