Jada Bombs
Jada Bombs Main
—Image © Zynga
RoleTactical Combat Specialist
ProfileHighly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, Jada's entire body is a lethal weapon. Especially when she wears skin-tight pants.
IntelHidden in one of Jada's wigs was the schematic for a mysterious machine called "The Sun Storm". Further analysis is required to understand its purpose.
DangerDo Not Fight While Using Hairdryer!
BattleReef Haven
UnlocksThe Honey Badger
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Jada Bombs is the third boss the player encounters during campaign mode. She is fought on Reef Haven during 3 stages. After defeating her, the player will unlock a bomber aircraft called The Honey Badger. Her name is based on the GBU-31: Mk84 bomb fitted with JDAM or JDAM which stands for Joint Direct Attack Munition, a smart bomb used by the United States.


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